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Chapter I: Money

Budgeting, saving, investing, credit cards, credit, interest, loans, taxes, spotting scams, budgeting, paying bills, and debt. 

Chapter II: Health

Self awareness, self care, and mental health. 

Chapter III: Insurance

Home, vehicle, renters, and life insurance.

Chapter IV: Time Management

⁠How to balance and understand your time different activities and responsibilities

Chapter V: Safety and Etiquette

Email, social media, & tipping etiquette, cyber safety

Chapter VI: Skills

⁠Listening, communication, negotiation, speaking, & leadership skills

Chapter VII: Job Interviews

⁠Preparing, what to say, dress code, & questions

Chapter VIII: Understanding the Bill of Rights & Human Rights

In-depth explaination of the first 10 amendments as well as basic human rights

Chapter IX: Maintaining a Work/Life Balance

⁠Why having an appropriate work/life balance is important

Chapter X: Learning from Failure & Rejection

⁠Taking the correct actions in response to failures and rejections

Chapter XI: Expect the Unexpected

Chapter XII: Manners

⁠Appropriately interacting with others ranging from verbal and physical actions 

Chapter XIII: Working Smarter, Not Harder

Chapter XIV: Networking

⁠Understand the importance of networking with others 

Chapter XV: Critical Thinking

Chapter XVI: Vehicle Maintenance

⁠Understanding how to take care of your vehicle

Chapter XVII: Emergencies & First Aid

⁠Learning the basics of emergency care